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Psychodietetyk Małgorzata Nitka Perfectme

Why do we over eat or eat too much of food we don’t really like? How to effectively change it? Get familiar with my methods of how to control your eating habits.
I have been working with people who can’t motivate themselves enough to change their lifestyles and who have been struggling with loosing few extra pounds. Apart from individual consultations I also conduct lectures, workshops and trainings for fitness clubs and diet clinics. I look at every person in a holistic way that includes body, mind and spirit. I put emphasis on cleansing and alkalization of the body as well as benefits of eating unprocessed food.
From my own experience I can assure everyone that body cleansing on the cellular level is the key to a life full of energy and psychophysical balance.
I pay special attention to psychological and emotional factors. I also support change in eating habits with ACT therapy technique which focuses primarily on acceptance and commitment. Knowledge of the ACT therapy I gained from the founder Kelly Wilson. I am a member of ACBC (Association for Contextual Behavior Science).
Even though I am not a vegan, I love cooking challenges. Creating new recipes based on fruit and vegetables are my specialties. I also find healthy substitutes for sugar, meat and milk.
I am a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economic, enterprise management and marketing major. I also graduated from School of Social Psychology with psycho dietician major. For over 10 years I was supporting international companies with entering the Polish market with new pharmaceuticals and supplements (such as Cafasel, Lymphosil, Diasporal, Linola, PC 30) as well as medical devices. I decided to end my career in this field in 2001 to fully devote myself to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Since then I have created and organized a number of preventive campaigns that promote healthy life style, such as ” Ambulance Campaign”. It achieved big popularity with about two thousand patients participating. For more than 5 years I worked as chief editor of the newsletter “Pharmacy for everyone”. It published articles about health, beauty and healthy lifestyle. I also developed dietary supplement: BASE Plus which helps maintain the acid base balance in the body. I am also a manufacturer and distributor of this product.

My proprietary program “Body and soul Balance – Perfect Me” gives me the greatest satisfaction when a new way of lifestyle to be treated as a series of sacrifices and suffering, and instead people are gradually becoming healthier and happier in every aspect of their life. Healthy and happy people are more successful.
Feel free to contact me and I will do my best to introduce you to this new way to a healthy life, full of creativity, energy and happiness.